Will brick replacement affect the wall from inside?

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Will brick replacement affect the wall from inside?


Our facade needs repair as some of the bricks are badly weathered. Repairs with what looks like red cement had been done at some point, but most of it has come off now and what is still intact doesnt look good - it is well too obvious that it is a cement repair and not a brick.

My question is, can the bricks be replaced, and most importantly, would that affect the internal wall (we've just had the rooms decorated)? If bricks are to be replaced - can you match the original bricks so the repair doesnt look odd?


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Yes, this is a trivial brick repair

Hi Millie,

Thanks for getting in touch. Using cement to repair brick usually causes more damage in long term than good. The reason is that cement seals the brick and moist get trapped inside the brick causing it to rot. Instead of Cement mixtures, Lime mortars must be used.

If possible, old and damaged bricks should be removed entirely. On a cavity wall, removing transverse bricks is not a problem, however on a double-skin brick wall, the transverse bricks reach out to the plaster on the other side of the wall and the options are two:
- Remove the entire brick and re-plaster the other side of the wall which would be inevitably affected.
- Remove half of the brick (or as much as possible) then install a brick cut to fit what has been removed.

In the latter case, extra care should be taken when removing bits off the transverse bricks as any vibration would be transferred to the plaster on the other side of the wall, causing it to crack. So no hammering or chiselling - only drill and grinder to ensure minimal stress on the brick.

As to matching the type and colour of the original brick, there are many reclamation yards where a match could be found. It may take a few weeks to find a match, but a few weeks patience is nothing comparing to many years of looking at colour mismatch on the wall.

Hope this help,

The K-Stone team..