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Canopy restoration, New Malden

This is a little project on a listed building in New Malden. Being a listed building, we had to confirm with the Kingston Council that the proposed restoration process does not require Listed Building Consent.

Damages on the canopy. Damages on the canopy. Damages on the canopy.


The plan was to repair only the damaged perimeter, leaving the good area untouched. We have dedicated one day only to cut off the damaged area and despite all the care we've put, at about 80% of the cutting, the entire canopy came down together with the soffit:

Take measurements and take a sample of the best area to create an instrument. Carefully cut the damaged perimeter. The entire perimeter came down.


The rebuilding start with stainless steel reinforcement. Then layer by layer we built up the base. Then finally allied the final layer using the instrument which we have created.

Final coat applied.
Ready painted with masonry paint. Ready painted with masonry paint.