How to grow moss on stone in order to weather it faster to match it with old stones?

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How to grow moss on stone in order to weather it faster to match it with old stones?


I have an old garden/flower bedding from stones which have been there for ages and are covered in moss and look rustic. Recently we have extended the flower bedding, but the new stones are clean and the overall look is very awkward.

How can I weather the stones and promote moss growth so I get the same look quicker?

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Stick patches of moss to the new stones or create a moss paste

Hi Gal,

Moss is pretty easy to replant, so if you only want patches of moss here and there, just pick some from the nearby woods. Be very gentle when you are picking it up not to injure the base - better pick it with some of the soil underneath it. Before planting, wash it carefully with water, then position it on the stones. Use water and nothing else to stick it to the stone. Considering that you already have moss on the other stones, you are alright with the growing conditions so just make sure to keep the moss moist for a month or so until it settles fully.

If you want even moss spread, you can create a moss paste and 'paint' the stones. This would promote faster establisment of moss. Moss has no rooting system, it grows from spores - Use a kitchen blender to create a paste from moss (again picked from the the woords) and water and use it to cover the stones. Then leave the nature to do its job. Dont get fooled by rumors - adding yoghurt, milk or anything else to the mixture wont help at all - it will actually prevent the moss to stick properly to the stone. Ensure the stone is clean from any chemicals.


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Buy spores from E-bay

You can buy moss spores from E-bay. Search for 'Bonsai Tree Moss Spores'.

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